Why Oushak Rugs Are the Perfect Answer to “Where Do I Start”?

Staring at any empty room begs the overwhelming question “Where should I start?” Of course, you want to make your room is beautiful and fashionable but you also want it to be comfortable and inviting to guests. Creating this balance and finding the right place to start doesn’t need to be difficult, if you find an Oushak rug that helps you set the tone you desire for the room. Once you have selected the right Oushak rug, the rest of the room will fall in line easily. Subtly colored Oushak rugs are a great starting point because they contain hundreds of complementary shades of each color which makes it easy to pick fabrics and bring youthful energy to the entire room. Look for Oushak rugs made with fine quality handspun yarn which has hundreds of natural shade variations and a rich texture. This will give your room a feeling of glamor and sophistication and enhance all the other elements in the room.

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                                                                               Image courtesy Habersham Home.

Set the Tone of Each Area with Rich Oushak Rugs

The above room’s vaulted ceiling is beautiful and the classical decor of soft neutral colors is contrasted by the dark woods of the furniture and floor. The room’s allure comes from the rich mix of textures, patterns and shapes, starting with the coral and cream Oushak rug and continuing with the beige silk damask fabric, a variety of wood finishes and a mix of rounded and angular shapes.

The room’s two seating areas provide privacy and connection at the same time- a perfect environment to make guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Two similar, but not identical, Oushak rugs define and enrich each space, leaving between them an aisle of hardwood floor leading from the doorway. The Oushak rugs are large enough to clearly define each space, with a significant portion of the furniture sitting on top of the rug and leaving the peripheral pieces half to a third on, and the rest off the rug.

Without the oushak rugs, the room would have furniture sitting on bare hardwood floor, which would feel disjointed and random. The darker wood pieces would have little, to no contrast with the floor; the whole room would look dark. Instead, the pastel Oushak rugs open up the room, make it feel brighter and give each space a comfortable and welcoming feeling.

Let the Colors of the Oushak Rug Guide You in Designing the Room

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Coral and orange in the Oushak rug are carried through to the fabrics which gives this room a burst of warmth and energy. It’s bright. It’s warm. It invites guests to sit and enjoy the sun in addition to the company. Image courtesy Cote de Texas Blog.

The Oushak rug provides the entire color palette for this room and at the same time it brings all the elements of the room together. The accents of orange in this otherwise neutral rug invite further uses of orange. The subdued layered texture of the Oushak rug provides interest and a feeling of comfort. The Oushak rug’s pattern of geometricized motifs complement the striped fabric on the chairs. The curtain, utilizing the accent coral and orange colors in the Oushak rug, brings them all the way to the ceiling, widening the focus off just the table and instead to the whole room.

Instead of finishing your room and then searching for the prefect rug that will bring everything together, try starting your room with a fine quality Oushak rug. This way you can work off the colors presented and easily build a masterpiece of interior design.  While as a whole, Oushak rugs are subdued and will never overwhelm the room, they are also rich in texture and subtle in color. You’ll find that the accent colors in a well designed Oushak rug jumps out at you and tell you where to go from there.

Select the Right Size Oushak Rug. It will Enrich the Look and Comfort of the Space

When purchasing Oushak rugs, be sure that they’re big enough for your space. Ideally, furniture should be set a few feet away from the walls and at least half or a third on the Oushak rug if not entirely on the rug. This will make the room feel comfortable, and also has the very practical benefit of keeping the rug from moving on the floor.

Find a big beautiful Oushak rug and build your room from the bottom up!


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