Why Savonnerie Carpets Adorn The Worlds Grandest Hotels

Savonnerie rugs in all of their pomp and grandeur are a perfect element in grand hotel design. When guests arrive at a hotel after a long flight, they’re looking forward to being welcomed into a warm and beautiful environment. If they’re paying a lot of money, they’re expecting it. The very best hotels go out of their way to make their guests feel as if they’re staying in a home away from home. Grand hotels go out of their way to make sure that everywhere their guests look, luxury and comfort greets them at every turn. Savonnerie rugs are a favorite of some of the most decadent hotels in the world because their grandness of scale and intricate beauty implies unlimited opulence. Savonnerie rugs used in hotels’ public spaces let guests instinctively know that they are going to be taken care of.

Savonnerie Rugs Rock the Grand Bretagne

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Two Savonnerie carpets adorn the magnificent lobby of the Hotel Grand Bretagne in Athens, Greece

Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) is a leader in the hospitality design industry. With global offices in cities ranging from Tokyo to London to San Francisco, the company prides itself on having its finger on the pulse of today’s travelers, proactively anticipating their needs. With every project the company takes on, the goal is to create spaces that resonate in a beautiful way with travelers while effectively promoting the client’s brand. Their ultimate goal is to have constant repeat traffic and an active and positive word-of-mouth response. The firm has nearly 1200 designers around the world, and they work on design for everything from cruise ships to restaurants to spas.

Savonnerie rugs once again prove their power over the senses with their presence in the public areas of the Hotel Grand Bretagne in Athens, Greece. This stunning hotel has major historical pedigree, given the fact that it’s been a functioning hotel since 1872. It even served as British or German army headquarters during wartime. HBA designers used several Savonnerie rugs throughout the lobby area of the hotel, creating a space that is both regal and inviting. The rugs, featuring deep browns, creams, blacks and navy blue tones, provide a perfect complement to the neoclassical and French furnishings that grace the space. Savonnerie rugs make perfect sense in this space filled with gorgeous columns and mosaic floors.

Savonnerie Rugs à la Ritz

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A gorgeous blue Savonnerie carpet enriches the Hotel Ritz, Paris

Even though the famed hotel is closed for the next two years for renovations, a fact that has broken the hearts of regulars the world over, you’d be remiss to talk about the importance of Savonnerie rugs in grand hotel design without mentioning the legendary Hotel Ritz, Paris. The list of its illustrious guests includes luminaries like Proust, Chanel and, of course, Hemingway. Grand Savonnerie carpets, a part of history, make sense here. Well-heeled guests traipse back and forth along them, leaving clouds of excitement and mystery in their wake. Now, famed designer Thierry Despont will be handling the renovation, and what will come out on the other side is anyone’s guess.

Whether the Savonnerie rugs will remain or not, graciously accompanying the silk damask walls and the antique furnishings, is anybody’s guess. Left in Despont’s capable hands, guests, design enthusiasts and the casually interested alike know that the restoration will be given the attention it deserves. Novelist and poet C. S. Lewis said, “You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Having said that, a Hotel Ritz Paris without the Savonnerie rugs would probably feel a bit strange.

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