You Don’t Need a Red Rug – 8 Stylish, Colorful Interiors with Red

Do you love red but are afraid of being locked in with a red rug or a red sofa?

What kind of decorator rugs are flexible and allow you to easily change your decor and still allow you to create stylish and colorful rooms with reds?

Today we will learn how all of this is accomplished by famous interior designers Amanda Nisbet, Alessandra Branca and Jeffrey Billhuber.

red rugs, gold rugs, beige rugs, Jeffrey Bilhuber

1. Jeffrey Billhuber. This stylish living room looks colorful with the red standing out. Look closely and you will see that the contemporary wool rug is in a tone and tone geometric pattern that is highly flexible and will work with many color palettes. Most of the upholstery is in neutral colors. If at some point you got tired of red and wanted to change the color palette, you could keep the same large contemporary rug and sofas and just change the drapery fabric and the red throw.

red rugs, gold rugs, geomegtric rugs, Alessandra Branca2. Alessandra Branca’s living room looks colorful with reds. But allows you to easily change the color palette by replacing the red pillows, re-upholstering the cushions and back rest on the white armchairs. The gold contemporary rug and cream sofa are very flexible and can be used with any color palette. You may even be able to keep the red coffee table and the red lamp shades to balance a cooler color palette.

cream rugs, pastel rug, pastel rugs, Amanda Nisbet

3. Amanda Nisbet shows how to create a very colorful room with a red throw, yellow cushions and painting while keeping the contemporary wool rug in a flexible neutral cream color.

gold rugs, pastel rug, pastel rugs, Jeffrey Bilhuber

4. Jeffrey Bilhuber. Another view of the living room with all the color coming from the red drapery and the contemporary oil painting. The neutral upholstery fabrics and the cream and gold contemporary rug allow an easy change of color palette.

large contemporary rugs, contemporary wool rug, Amanda Nisbet

5. Amanda Nisbet’s colorful contemporary living room reads red, but you could easily change this be changing the drapery fabric and the pillows. The large contemporary rug has cream background with beige, brown and red accent colors. This rug is less flexible than the rugs in the previous images, but still allows you to change the color palette from reds a lot more easily than a red rug.

pastel rug, Alessandra Branca

6. Alessandra Branca’s colorful living room is warmed by reds, persimmon and yellows. But again these colors could be easily changed without having to change the contemporary wool rug or the sofa and chair.

large contemporary rugs, Amanda Nisbet

7. Amanda Nisbet again shows her mastery at creating a colorful effect with neutral colors for the large contemporary rug and upholstery. The red throw and the blue fabric on the stools can be easily changed.

Geometric rug, Alessandra Nisbet

8. Alessandra Branca’s colorful and stylish living room with a cream geometric rug and neutral upholstery both of which are very flexible.


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